Mark Nash

The biggest benefits of moving our operation to Computer Solutions’ OS33 Cloud, is the all-inclusive pricing for everything, so it’s easy for budgeting and keeping overheads under control. Secondly, we can work from anywhere with this set up! (We have sneaked over to Costa Rica for a few days and no one ever knew.) During the recent evacuation orders with Hurricane Mathew looming down on us, I sent all employees home early so they could get out of town. All employees managed to log in from remote areas and carry on as usual with no work disruption even though the office was closed and we were all over the place. Additionally, we don’t have to buy and maintain Servers and pay hourly IT people lots of money when something goes wrong, and we no longer have to purchase extra Microsoft programs on every machine or buy or worry about virus protection. We have never had a pc or laptop compromised due to a virus since everyone uses the cloud. All emails, documents and accounting software are safe on the cloud with regular backups. You can’t lose anything!

Computer Solutions’ employees are always easy to contact, user friendly and quick to sort things out! If you are on the fence about choosing Computer Solutions to be your IT firm I say “Go for it, it works!

Euro USA, Charleston, SC